SAP Business One On Premise

An on premise approach is still the preferred option when an organisation needs to support multiple, in-house applications or bespoke solutions. Additionally, sometimes the migration cost and transformation effort is too significant.


Maintain Control

  • For the support of multiple or bespoke solutions
  • Migration and transformation costs are not manageable
  • Regulatory and compliance issues
  • Where cloud might take operational control away
  • Ensures Intellectual Property control
  • Perceived security - on-premise is viewed as safer
  • Compliance with your own internal Data Security Policies
  • Direct control and access to your data, allowing flexibility in local reporting accesses
  • Better ability to customise and extend your business processes
  • Leverage off existing internal hardware and IT infrastructure and resources
  • Perpetual licensing, with higher upfront cost but better long term TCO
  • Less dependence on always connected internet connections

Deployment options explained

Most software solutions, to some extent, force you down a deployment path. SAP Business One allows you to deploy the solution you prefer, with our support. Also, whether it's deployed on premise or in the cloud, you can access anytime, anywhere, any device. And, you can choose either SAP HANA and Microsoft SQL server platforms. SAP Business One allows you to make your own choice about solution deployment.

deployment, your way

SAP Business One Cloud

Best for maximum flexibility, scalability and low total cost of ownership - cloud is becoming an increasingly popular deployment option.

deployment, your way

SAP Business One On Premise

Best when installed software running on premises of an organisation or outsourced, remote hosting is required.

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