Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for SMEs and SAP Business One


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a method of utilising people, hardware and software to increase productivity and profit, through the adoption of digital technology. The overall aim is to improve people performance, simplify business processes and improve business intelligence. Today’s leading ERP solutions deliver a single, comprehensive, centralised software package that smoothly disseminates data required by several business departments.


There’s never been a better time to replace an enterprise resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management (CRM) solution. In our experience, the four, core board-level benefits sought from a distribution software solution are:


  • Productivity: Time saving integration, with swift access to all business data, in a single solution.
  • Financial Control: Enabling cost control and smarter buying decisions opportunities for growth and investment.
  • Business Insight: Built-in business intelligence and reporting features putting data into context for swift decision making.
  • Mobility: Connected anytime, anywhere, on any device with real-time reporting and collaboration tools.


Companies that have outgrown their accounting packaging or have developed complex operations, find SAP Business One a good fit. Companies of all sizes now understand that for a lot less time and money than they might have thought, we can boost productivity and empower employees, like never before with SAP Business One, designed with aspiring businesses in mind.

Part of the SAP family, it’s ideal for small businesses with less 500 employees but businesses are also confident that the solution will be able to scale-up, to equally respected SAP ByDesign, as their operational requirements grow and evolve.

Early adopters (businesses of all sizes, across industry sectors) have been quick to see the benefits of undertaking a digital transformation, whilst implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).


  • Competitive Advantage: Becoming more relevant in the digital economy, implementing robust business processes, adapting quickly to market changes and anticipate business trends.
  • Connecting Business Functions: aligning entire business and ensuring it runs more smoothly, by touching all business areas, which assists by natural cross departmental collaboration
  • Easy Access to Data: analytics and reports helps you to keep informed about your business to make decisions on the back of real-time data insights.


Today, people, systems and data are becoming rapidly connected – it’s happening globally, in our daily lives and in small to large organisations across our economy. It won’t be long before businesses that have failed to make their digital transformation, will struggle to survive. Using the best digital technologies available (SAP Business One), we can provide you with the ability to transform the way that you work and create opportunities in this digital World.

We selected SAP Business One to get our clients ahead of the game with a choice of tech environments, pre-built extensions or proven industry configurations – designed to be deployed quickly, accurately and without fuss.

And, if you choose to work with us, we’d love to give the time and care needed to understand your business and unique challenges… architecting the best possible solution for you.


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