Why are our members exhibiting at Backing Britain Live 2020?




In Just Over A Month, Over 100 Manufacturers From Across The Midlands And Yorkshire Region Will Gather For #BBLive2020. We Spoke To 5 Members To See What Backing Britain Means To Them.

We spoke to five members, from across the Made in Yorkshire and Midlands family to see why they’re exhibiting at Backing Britain Live 2020.


Speaking to Frances Cawthorne from B1 Solutions, Backing Britain to them means they’re presented with the ‘opportunity to celebrate and engage in British manufacturing while being proud of the achievements within the British market.

As a Company, however, Frances explained that B1 Solutions are Backing Britain because it allows them, ​” To provide support and guidance to other companies, to provide services to strengthen a manufacturers journey in embracing technology.”


Meanwhile, speaking to Shaun Heys from ROCOL, Backing Britain is all about supporting one another. Asked what the message means to him, he stated, “British manufacturing supporting each other to improve and progress our sector collectively. Providing a sustainable manufacturing future for the generations to come.”

Yet for ROCOL, #BBLive2020 is all about the available networking opportunities. “For ROCOL, it is an opportunity to build a stronger network with our heritage market, the UK and highlight some key product launches that the market will be excited to learn about. We are a global business involved in all aspects and segments of engineering and manufacturing, so the opportunity to come back to our heartland and exhibit at the Expo and to connect with manufacturers is something we were looking forward to. 

Backing Britain provides us with a platform to reach the engineering and manufacturing society despite the challenges we all face at the moment, staying connected to our customers and potential customers.”


For Paul Hodgetts, from In-Comm Training and Business Services, the ability to put essential topics, like training, at the heart of the conversation is critical at Backing Britain Live, saying, “It is vital that manufacturers continue to invest in growing the next generation of talent and continued support of apprenticeships will be critical in achieving this. 

Backing Britain gives us an excellent opportunity to put this view at the heart of the conversation, while also allowing us to showcase hundreds of different upskilling courses we can deliver.”

However, for others, the expo provides, ‘in these times of limited face to face opportunities’ a unique opportunity to maintain knowledge of the market. Speaking to Steve Gibb from Balmoral Tanks, “In these times of limited face to face opportunities, it is important that we maintain our knowledge of market developments, regardless of operational sector. We are hopeful that Backing Britain will bring together an audience of like-minded entrepreneurial business people that are keen to brush up on their general knowledge of what is happening in the best of British manufacturing.”


Finally, we spoke to Keri-Ann Read from Centurion Europe Ltd who spoke about Backing Britain as a ‘great opportunity to expand your network.’ Speaking about the advantages of the Expo, Keri-Ann said, “These expos are an excellent opportunity to expand your network of suppliers and in turn product offering, enabling you to keep up with the latest trends and technologies allowing for innovation. This year’s exhibition being virtual is unique, fresh and exciting to be a part of.  

Attending exhibitions over the years, it has become more apparent that people are finding it difficult to participate in many of these events as they cannot afford the time away from their workplace. This being a Virtual event it provides an effective way for the whole country to see what’s available in Britain, helping you and your country to grow and prosper together.”


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